Ryan Trecartin 
is best known for his glitchy videos that combine layers of sound, narrative, and computer effects into an information-saturated world of Internet Age banality. When he emerged in the aughts as the strange voice of a new generation, critic Peter Schjeldahl declared Trecartin the most consequential artist since the 1980s. The RISD grad works with an expansive team of collaborators, including child actors and creative partner Lizzie Fitch, with whom he shares a sprawling warehouse studio in L.A. His multifaceted works, often released online, center on the way technology is changing our perceptions of ourselves as “people simultaneously negotiate divergent presentations of themselves for a variety of contexts.” Such concepts are played out onscreen in the language of millennial teen culture, as self-aware actors play to the camera, reflecting a generation shaped by media overstimulation and big-box consumption. In 2009, Trecartin received the Calvin Klein Collection New Artist of the Year Award at the Rob Pruitt’s First Annual Art Awards, Solomon F. Guggenheim Museum. Recent shows since 2016 include solo exhibitions in New York, Munich, Perth, Madrid and Montréal, and group exhibitions in Helsinki, Beijing and Chicago.

American, b. 1981, Webster, Texas, based in Los Angeles, California