Nina Davenport

Lecture: Fly on the Wall or Fly in My Soup?
Thursday, April 28: 3:30 – 5pm
Noble Lounge

Nina presents scenes from both narrative and documentary films shot in or influenced by the style known as cinéma-vérité – from fly-on-the-wall "objective" documentary to “fly-in-my-soup” personal documentary, and everything in between. With these examples, she hopes to provoke thought, discussion and debate about fundamental aspects of filmmaking applicable to both narrative and documentary work.

 has made five critically acclaimed feature-length documentaries that have playing at major international festivals and been broadcast around the world. Nina’s films have all been to varying degrees autobiographical. Her first film, HELLO PHOTO (1994), is a poetic and cinematic essay about her travels in India. It premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and received many festival awards, including “Best Documentary” at Melbourne. Her second film, ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID (2000) is a humorous and poignant account of her love-life (and is in fact the prequel to FIRST COMES LOVE). It aired on HBO/Cinemax and on Channel Four’s “True Stories”. Davenport’s third feature documentary, PARALLEL LINES (2003) is a lyrical road movie about her journey from California back home to New York, in the aftermath of September 11th. It premiered at IDFA and aired on the BBC series “Storyville”. Her film OPERATION FILMMAKER (2007) explored the relationship between filmmaker and subject, as it followed an Iraqi film student who traveled from war-torn Iraq to a Hollywood movie set. That film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and aired on the PBS series “Independent Lens”. FIRST COMES LOVE is Davenport’s fifth feature documentary. First Comes Love premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2012 and on HBO in 2013.