Master Schedule

*Indicates simultaneous events

Saturday, October 19

*Student Arrivals
Ongoing: Dewey Hall

*Faculty Meeting (followed by 5:30 catered dinner)
3:00-5:30pm: Crowley Center

*New Student Presentation Tech Check
4-5pm: Noble Lounge


*Graduating Students: Thesis files drop-off
6pm: College Hall 306

General Welcome & New Student Presentations Session I
7-8:15pm: Noble Lounge

Welcome Reception
8:30-10:00pm: Café Anna/College Hall Vault

Sunday, October 20
Submit Round Table Form
by 1:30pm: Film Commons

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


*Orientation for New Students 
9-10am: Noble Lounge

*Thesis Reviews (Faculty Only: JG, MC, AH, MN)
9-10am: Stone 101 & Stone 103

9-10am: College Hall 204, 205, 206, 208

Residency Kick-Off Meeting
10-10:45am: Chapel

11am-12:25pmCollege Hall 204, 205, 206, 208

Faculty Catered Lunch Meeting
12:30-1:40pm: Crowley


by 1:30pm: Film Commons

Acting Workshop: Luis Guzmán 
1:45-3:30pm: College Hall Chapel
Luis will lead an interactive acting workshop, sharing insights from his decades of working with top directors - particularly the legendary Sidney Lumet, often     described as an "actor's director.”

3:45-5pm: Noble Lounge


Lecture: Sylvain Bellemare, "The Art of Sound
7pm: Savoy
Sylvain will detail the creative and technical challenges, decisions and procedures involved in the development of motion picture soundtracks. Most importantly: finding ways to make sound fit with the emotion. He will talk about the role of sound in movies, as a character in films, and as a key to cinema's emotional state of mind.

Monday, October 21

Round Table Assignments Posted
9am: by email

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


*Lecture: Mike Jackman, "I've Been Yelled at by the Best
9-10:45am: Chapel
Mike discusses his career in production and post production, including his work on iconic films such as GANGS OF NEW YORK, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, and ARRIVAL. Questions about any part of the process, projects, or the companies he’s worked for are welcome.

Individual Sound Design Meetings with Sylvain Bellemare
9am-1:45pmNoble Lounge

Round Table Session I
11am-12pm: Gallery

1-2:30pm: College Hall 205, 206, 208

*Lecture: Blitz Bazawule"The Crazy Exciting World of Directing Episodic TV
2:45-3:45pm: Noble Lounge
As the film industry has evolved, so has episodic television. Once viewed as a less creative medium than feature filmmaking, shows like Game of Thrones, Insecure, Stranger Things, Queen Sugar, etc., have brought a new jolt of excitement to episodic television. Blitz will share his experience directing two episodes of the upcoming series Cherish the Day (executive produced by Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay). Blitz will explore the stages of prep, storyboarding, shot listing, and other key elements that helped him cope with the fast-paced whirlwind of directing a network television show.

2:45-3:30pmCollege Hall 205, 206, 208

4-4:45pm: College Hall 205, 206, 208

*New Students: IT and Library Orientation 
4-5pm: Library

*All Students: Mandatory Title IX/Diversity & Inclusion Meeting
5-5:30pm: Chapel

5-5:20pmCollege Hall 205, 206


Screening: LATE NIGHT
with Executive VP for FilmNation Mike Jackman
7pm: Savoy Theater

Tuesday, October 22

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


: Risa Mickenberg, "The Role of the Writing & The Role of the Writer"
9-10:45am: Noble Lounge
A case study, from idea through distribution. Developing an idea in different forms. Realizing its full potential. How to sketch and own your idea quickly. What to write and what to leave out. How not to cast. How not to describe characters. How to write for actors, for producers, for crew. The writing that goes along with your script: treatments, casting descriptions, descriptions of place, loglines. How to write the film you want, for the budget you want. Making the most of your role throughout the process. Understanding how to navigate, how to focus on the big picture, how to stay involved, and how to let go.

*Round Table Session II
11am-12pm: Gallery

*Graduating Students: New Alumnx Welcome
: College Hall Vault

*New Students: Photo IDs
12-12:15pm: College Hall 208


Workshop Part I: Nina Davenport & Jessica Gorter, "Visual Language in Documentary" 
1-2:45pm: Noble Lounge
How can your camerawork contribute to your story? How can it enhance the emotion of a scene or convey a point of view? How can you avoid resorting to "talking heads"? In this workshop we will explore questions such as these through analyses of scenes from VCFA students' works-in-progress and from existing documentaries.

*Lecture: Guy Maddin, "Cinema of Reinvention
3-5pm: Noble Lounge
In a talk drawing heavily upon his own personal experiences as a sui generis director of niche art films, Guy will invite the audience to explore the challenge of reinvention—how does one reinvent one’s career? oneself?—using his own career-at-a-crossroads as the principal case study. Giving special attention to the rapidly changing landscape of contemporary cinema and the wide variety of options available, he will screen and/or discuss examples chosen from documentary fiction, essay films, camera diaries, lurid DIY micro-budget productions, streaming episodic television, Instagram posts, video podcasts, behind-the-scenes documentaries, found footage work, film interventions, fiction/hidden-camera hybrids, Benshi narrations, Ugandan “video joker” tracks, Turkish-style plagiarisms, cinema profumato” [or Odorama], David Holzman’s Diary-style mocumentaries, and every possible combination and permutation of the above reconfigured into previously unforeseen hybrids and compound hybrids, asking what they can teach us and how they might model forms of reinvention. 

Faculty: Meet with Dean & Program Staff
4:45-5:30pm: College Hall 205


Screening: 900 DAYS
with Filmmaker Jessica Gorter
7pm: Savoy Theater

Wednesday, October 23
by 1:45pm: Film Commons

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


*New Students: Check in with Carol & Aja 
8:45-9:15am: Chapel

Round Table Session III
9:30-10:30am: Gallery

*4th Sem. Students: Spring '20 Commencement Planning
10-10:30am College Hall 208

Workshop: Annie Howell, "The Hour-Long Pilot Case Study: HBO's The Watchmen"
10:45am-12:30pm: College Hall Chapel
In this session, we will screen the pilot for HBO's new show, The Watchmen, followed by a half hour video call Q&A with Executive Producer / Pilot Director Nicole Kassell. 


by 1:45pm: Film Commons

Lecture: Michel Negroponte, "Documentary Value
1:45-3:30pm: Noble Lounge
With a mere five film clips, I will take you on an 85-year-long cinematic adventure that begins with a Samoan coconut and ends in the city with the most sleepwalkers in the world. In addition, I will show the first film ever made without a camera, a Russian manifesto, and a portrait of the loneliest boy in Canada. Strange, but true!

3:45-4:30pm: College Hall 205, 206, 208

*Nature Walk
3:45-5:15pm: Morse Farm or Sabine's Pasture Quarry

*New Faculty: Meet with Carol & Aja 
4:30-5pm: College Hall 208


Screening: THE GREEN FOG
with Filmmaker Guy Maddin
7pm: Savoy Theater 

Thursday, October 24

Yoga (optional)
Studio, Stone 204


Advisor Assignments Posted
9am: via email

All Students: Meet with VCFA Leadership Team
9-9:45am: Chapel

*Academic Meetings
m: Faculty Offices

*Graduating Students: 
Commencement Rehearsal
10-10:30am: College Hall Chapel

*Workshop Part II: Nina Davenport & Jessica Gorter"Visual Language in Documentary" 
11am-12:30pm: Noble Lounge
Sharing and discussion of camerawork exercise from Part I.

*Workshop: Marya Cohn & Rick Mitz, "Writing Characters That Speak"
11am-12:30pm: College Hall 208
Please join us in a writing workshop, where we will discuss and analyze one another’s work. Using fun and fast writing prompts, this seminar will focus on creating rich and unique dialogue that comes out of the Real World (as opposed to imitations of characters from other movies and television shows). The point: To find not just your characters’ voices, but your own.  In addition to the timed writing exercises, students are encouraged to bring in one brief scene from an existing script (VCFA or otherwise), to examine the characters and dialogue in order to bring it to the next level. This workshop will be collaborative and will emulate the tone of a real-world writers’ room.

*Faculty Lunch Meeting
: Crowley Center


Academic Planning
1:45-3pm: Faculty Offices

Lecture: RaMell Ross "Liberated Documentarian-ism"
3:15-5pm: Noble Lounge
A walk through the projects and lessons that shaped the formal and conceptual choices of HALE COUNTY THIS MORNING, THIS EVENING. We will segue to then use contemporary works of art as reference to consider the possibility of being freed from the expectations of genre and form.


Screening: HALE COUNTY THIS MORNING, THIS EVENING with Filmmaker Ross RaMell
pm: Savoy Theater

Friday, October 25

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


*Faculty Meeting with Board of Trustees
9-9:45am: Crowley Center

*Independent Academic Planning

Thesis Readings: Frances de Larminat, Rick Mitz
10-11:15am: College Hall Chapel

Thesis Tech Checks: Sorensen, Kolecki, Brown
11:30am-12pm: Savoy Theater

Faculty Lunch Meeting with VCFA Leadership Team 
11:30am-12:30pm: Dewey Lounge (Grab lunch from Dewey Cafe and bring up to the Lounge)


Thesis Readings: Tamara Perkins, Mark Schimmel
12:45-2pm: College Hall Chapel

Thesis Screenings: Soren Sorensen, Keith Kolecki, Adam Brown
2:30-4:30pm: Savoy Theater

Academic Planning
4:30-5:15pm: Faculty Offices


Wrap Party--BYO playlist
7:30pm-midnight: Café Anna/Gallery

Saturday, October 26

Semester Study Plans Finalized and Uploaded
by 3pm: Film Commons

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


Academic Planning
am: Faculty Offices

11am-12pm: College Hall Chapel

12pm: Café Anna/Gallery

Semester Study Plans Finalized and Uploaded
by 3pm: Film Commons

Departures Begin