Master Schedule

*Indicates simultaneous events

Saturday, April 20

*Student Arrivals
12-5pm: Dewey Hall

*Faculty Meeting
3:00-5:00pm: Crowley Center

*New Student Presentation Tech Check
4-5pm: Noble Lounge


*Graduating Students: Thesis files drop-off
6pm: College Hall 306

General Welcome & New Student Presentations
7-8:30pm: Noble Lounge

Welcome Reception
8:30-10:00pm: Café Anna/College Hall Vault

Sunday, April 21

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


*Thesis Reviews (Faculty Only: MN & AH)
9am-12pmCollege Hall 208

*Thesis Tech Check: Bemiss & Valadez
9:15-9:30am: Savoy Theater

*Thesis Screening: Jeff Bemiss
9:45-11:45am: Savoy Theater


Thesis Screening: John Valadez
12:45-2pm: Savoy Theater

Thesis Tech Check: Abdelmoula, Lowery, Noland, Heck, & Kadrevis
2-2:45pm: Savoy Theater

2:45-5pmCollege Hall 205, 206, 208


Thesis Screening: Hafid Abdelmoula
7pm: Savoy Theater

Monday, April 22

by 2pm: Film Commons

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


9-10:30am: College Hall 205, 206, 208

*Orientation for New Students 
9-9:30am: Library

*New Students: IT and Library Orientation 
9:30-10:30am: Library

Thesis Screening: Steven Lowery
11am-12:15pm: Savoy Theater


by 2pm: Film Commons

1:30-3pm: College Hall 205, 206, 208

Thesis Screening: Kevin Noland
3:30-5pm: Savoy Theater

*Faculty Dinner Meeting
5-6:30pm: Crowley Center


with Filmmaker Bing Liu
7pm: Savoy Theater

Tuesday, April 23

Graduating Students & Faculty Reviewers: Thesis Feedback Meetings (20 minutes each): TBD

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


Round Table Assignments Posted
9am: by email

Lecture: Bing Liu, "Emotional Sustainability and Relationships in Documentary Filmmaking"
9-10:30am: Noble Lounge
From self-care to care for others, we'll be covering the ways in which balance, community, and perspective help shape our lives as we create our work. We'll also talk about the complex ways in which we draw boundaries and create unique relationships with the people we're making films with.

Round Table Session I
10:45-11:45am: Gallery

All Students: Title IX Meeting
: Chapel

*New Students: Photo IDs
12pm: College Hall 103

Faculty Lunch Meeting: President, Dean, VP of Finance & Administration
12:15-1:15pm: College Hall 208


Lecture: David Shields, "The Self-Reflexive Documentary Film, or Everything I Know I Learned from Ross McElwee
1:15-3pm: Noble Lounge
David will discuss how Ross McElwee’s self-reflexive documentary films transformed his artistic life. He’ll focus in particular upon McElwee’s seminal film Sherman’s March, which starts out as a bio-pic about Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman and winds up as a brilliant investigation of the secret interconnections between masculinity, the male gaze, filmmaking, film equipment, nuclear weaponry, and war.

Lecture: Jessica Gorter, "Finding Your Voice: Authorship in Documentary
3:15-5pm: College Hall Chapel
Jessica will discuss how the process of making films keeps revealing new aspects of her need to tell stories. She will reflect on what she learned from shooting three documentary features in Russia, and what tools she uses as a filmmaker to transform stories from her mind to the screen. She will explore her use of in-depth research, camera and editing, through clips from her own films and from others who have inspired her along the way.

*New Students: Check In with Carol & Aja 
5-5:30pm: College Hall 206


with Filmmaker Blitz Bazawule
7pm: Savoy Theater

Wednesday, April 24
by 1:30pm: Film Commons

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


Round Table Session II
9-10am: Gallery

*Graduating Students: New Alumni Meeting
: College Hall 206

Lecture: Blitz Bazawule, "Cinema and Genetic Memory"
10:15am-12pm: College Hall Chapel
Blitz encourages us to reimagine the idea of cinema through the lens of oral traditional storytelling from the global south. We will explore filmmaking from a less academic euro-normative perspective and more from a place of intuitive genetic memory. Ideas like non-linear narratives and mythical realism will form the basis of this lecture, with the goal of centering a new approach to filmmaking.


by 1:30pm: Film Commons

Lecture: Luis Guzmán, "On TV and in VT!
1:30-3:15pm: Noble Lounge
Luis, who resides with his family in Vermont, will talk about his acting work on television shows such as How to Make it in America, Code Black, and Shameless.

Nature Walk


A Special Evening with Luis Guzmán
7pm: Savoy Theater
VCFA's MFA in Film program is thrilled to have actor Luis Guzmán join us for an evening of conversation about his work with directors such as Sidney Lumet, Paul Thomas Anderson, Steven Soderbergh and Brian De Palma, among others. We'll screen clips from some of his favorite film roles and he'll take questions from the audience

Thursday, April 25

Yoga (optional)
Studio, Stone 204


Advisor Assignments Posted
9am: via email

Academic Meetings
m: Chapel, then Faculty Offices

Workshop: Marya Cohn, "The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Dialogue and Action"
10:15am-12pm: Noble Lounge
What are most screenwriters striving to achieve in dialogue and in action? What are the most common mistakes they make? But can more than one kind of dialogue and action be successful? Of course! Lecture, film clips, and writing exercises.

*Faculty Lunch Meeting
: Crowley Center


Workshop: Film-in-Progress, David Shields & Rita Banerjee
1:15-3:15pm: Savoy
Shortly before the November 2015 terrorist attacks, David Shields, who is Jewish, and Rita Banerjee, who is Bengali, come to Paris to try to understand the current American racial cataclysm from a French perspective. David and Rita try to discuss skin color, class, gender, privilege, and art—only to discover that they disagree about everything. Back in the States, they discover that the space between any two people is the source of all hate and all love.

*Academic Planning
3:30-4:30pm: Faculty Offices

3:30-4:45pm: College Hall 205, 206, 208

*4th Sem. Students: Fall '19 Commencement Planning
3:45-4:30pm: College Hall Chapel

All Students: Meet with President, Dean, VP of Student Services
College Hall Chapel


Screening: GRIT with Filmmaker Cynthia Wade
pm: Savoy Theater

Friday, April 26

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


*Academic Planning
m: Faculty Offices

*Graduating Students: 
Commencement Rehearsal
9:30-10am: College Hall Chapel

Lecture: Cynthia Wade
 "The Verb Film vs. The Noun Film"
10:15am-12pm: Noble Lounge
There are films we chase: we stumble after the action and run to organize the chaos around us; they are "verb" films. Then there are films that we can better control - planning specific lenses and angles for each scene; they are more often described as "noun" films. Screening from her body of work, Cynthia will discuss the tailored funding path, shooting style, distribution strategy and audience for several of her feature & short documentaries, branded films and commercials, identifying the verb vs. noun choices in each piece.


Thesis Readings: Adriana Garcia, David Lombino
1:15-2:30pm: College Hall Chapel

Thesis Screenings: Nadya Kadrevis, Brad Heck
3-5pm: Savoy Theater


Wrap Party - byo playlist - Dancing in the Café
8pm-midnight: Café Anna/Gallery
Food and beverage in the Gallery.

Saturday, April 27

Semester Study Plans Finalized and Uploaded
by 3pm: Film Commons

Yoga (optional)
7-7:40am: Studio, Stone 204


Academic Planning
am: Faculty Offices

11am-12pm: College Hall Chapel

12pm: Café Anna/Gallery

Semester Study Plans Finalized and Uploaded
by 3pm: Film Commons

Departures Begin