Sunday, April 22, 7pm 

Screening, Savoy

Lex Lybrand

A group of single women are all late at the same time. You know… late. As their collective anxiety grows, they band together to confront the potential fathers, play stupid party games, and egg a car or two. All part of the world’s first maybe shower.

Written and Directed by Lex Lybrand
Producer: Lex Lybrand, Kelli Horan, Kristofer Atkinson
Featuring: Kelsey Thomas, Megan Simon, Rachel DeRouen, Carlos O’Leary, Nathan Ehrmann, Jeff Pearson, Caitlin McNally, Sasha Knight, Aaron Hale

Thursday, April 26, 1:30–2:30pm
Readings, Noble Lounge
Mohammed Mamdouh

Layla, a 17 year old Egyptian girl living in Dubai, life is changed when tragedy strikes her family. After a mental breakdown, she is sent to a treatment center where she crosses paths with another patient, Adam. They bond over their losses as Dr. Fields, the facility’s psychiatrist guides them towards a journey of self discovery. This is a story that will take you deep into the pit of pain and agony and aspires to elevate you towards hope. The story asks us to look inwards at our own life and ask, does tragedy define our lives or does faith?


Jared Thompson

After his former dealer - and ex lover – Diggy reenters his life, recovering addict and closeted homosexual David struggles to hold onto his sobriety, his new girlfriend, and his relationship with his Christian family.

Friday, April 27, 1:30–3pm
Readings, College Hall Chapel

Virgil Carman

After the mysterious death of his beloved brother, a devoted college teen goes on a blood-curdling quest at a low residency campus to overcome his personal phobia while competing for a cash grand prize.

Amy Hesketh

A rebellious member of a piñata-bashing therapy group for the broken-hearted seizes the opportunity for retribution when his ex-girlfriend announces that she’s getting married to someone else.

George Nicholas

Two punks meet at a laundromat in late 80's Hell's Kitchen NYC in a lo-fi animated film reminiscent of early Jim Jarmusch.

Written, Directed, and Produced by George Nicholas
Friday, April 27, 3:30–5pm
Screenings, Savoy

Kris Atkinson

A struggling poster artist finally gets to meet his childhood hero who doesn’t live up to the omnipresent image of the shuffleboard king.

Written and Directed by Kristofer Atkinson
Producer: Stefanie Davis
Unit Production Manager: Crystalyne Matthews
Cinematographer: Emily Vickers
Editor: Domonic Smith
Featuring: Warrington Etienne, Natasha Samreny, Jesse Hutson, Aaron Hale, Jorge Diaz, Stephanie Ceballos
Amy Hesketh

A gender-bending female artist searches for her identity in a barber shop run by a macho beard guru. 

Written and Directed by Amy Hesketh
Producer: Aaron Drane

Laurence Unger

A gypsy brings taxidermy to life in an enchanted teepee motel where a surprise visitor learns that crime does not pay. 

Written and Directed by Laurence Unger


Angelique Webster       

RESPECT AND LOVE is a short experimental documentary film about a woman who takes on the Catholic Church and defends her family’s dignity.

A film by A B Webster