Sunday, April 21st, 9:45am 

Screening, Savoy

Jeff Bemiss

Thousands of miles from the politicians in Washington, D.C. wrangling over immigration, there is a place where people are dying. As migrants attempt to circumvent an immigration checkpoint 70 miles north of the U.S./Mexico border in Brooks County, TX, between 300 and 600 succumb to dehydration and exposure every year. Only one in five is ever found. MISSING IN BROOKS COUNTY follows two families searching for loved ones who went missing in Brooks County. It is a portrait of a struggling American town, caught in the middle of a shameful death-as-deterrence border policy that has become a proxy version of the national immigration debate.

Producer/Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer: Jeff Bemiss
Producer/Co-Director/Co-Cinematographer: Lisa Molomot
Producer/Editor: Jacob Bricca
Contributing Producer: John Valadez

Sunday, April 21st, 12:45pm 

Screening, Savoy


John Valadez

As teenagers in the 1960s, brothers Valente and Manuel Valenzuela volunteered and fought in Vietnam. Now fifty years later, they are being deported to Mexico; a country they have not been to since childhood. The brothers were shocked to discover they are not alone, across the country there are thousands of honorably discharged US Military veterans who also share their fate. Outraged, they decide to don their uniforms for one last fight, a battle to stop the deportation of military veterans that will go all the way to the White House.

Writer/Director/Producer: John Valadez
Producer/Editor: Ling-An Hsu

Sunday, April 21st, 7pm 

Screening, Savoy

Hafid Abdelmoula

A Man and a Woman pass through a village that lives by a strange set of rules. How they survive depends on the decisions they make.

Writer/Director/Editor: Hafid Abdelmoula
Executive Producers: Trudel Abdelmoula, Tiffany Figueroa, Melinda Lujan, Hafid Abdelmoula
Cinematographer: Luis Galindo
Production Design: Tiffany Figueroa
Costume Designer: Mariam Abdelmoula
Original Score Composer: Tasos Eliopoulos
Make up: Trudel Abdelmoula
Cast: Hector Dez, Elizabeth Elise Gonzalez, Mark Vasconcellos, Irene Taylor, Kathryn Forest, James T. Kirk

Monday, April 22nd, 11am
Screening, Savoy

Steven Lowery

A mindful expose on the lives of three young women dancing at a strip club in the economically depressed city of Dayton Ohio. The film explores their shared histories of past traumas, present struggles, and hopes for the future.

Producer / Director - Steven Lowery
Director or Photography - Deborah Svoboda
Editor - Adam Lawrence
Sound Editing - Edmund Osterman
Music - GRLwood

Monday, April 22nd, 3:30pm
Screening, Savoy

Kevin Noland

An American artist takes a Haitian boy under his wing after the earthquake.

Writer/Director/Producer: Kevin Noland

Friday, April 26th, 1:15pm
Readings, College Hall Chapel

Adriana Garcia

In a time when humanity has been forsaken by the gods, a group of demigod pirate merchants are the only ones who have the knowledge and power to stop the goddess of war from rising and taking over the world.

David Lombino

Friday, April 26th, 3pm
Screening, Savoy

Nadya Kadrevis

A series about a group of actors who find themselves without a ‘director’, yet somehow they’re always able to find a ‘new’ one and continue to film scenes from an enigmatic and bizzare script that they have been, unwittingly, cast in.

Writer/Director/Editor: Nadya Kadrevis
Cast: Kevin Cook, Noah Goldberg, Abby London, CB, Levy Menn, Ebrahim al Mannai, Roberto Hernandez


Brad Heck     

Set on the Fort Berthold Reservation in North Dakota, where fracking has overtaken the community and law enforcement struggles to keep up with the influx of men and crime, six Indigenous women work to restore personal and tribal sovereignty and end the ongoing legacy of sexual violence against Native American women in the United States.

Director/Producer: Willow O'Feral and Brad Heck
Executive Producer: Tantoo Cardinal
Associate Producer: Jaida Grey Eagle