Sunday, October, 21, 10:30am 

Screening, Savoy

Ian Cheney

One-by-one, a series of scientists and non-scientists visit the same small plot of land in midcoast Maine.

Director/Producer: Ian Cheney

Sunday, October, 21, 7pm 

Screening, Savoy


David Angell

After filmmaker David Angell’s brother Joey suddenly reconnects with their long-absent father, David struggles to figure out how to have a relationship with a father he barely knows. DAD AND ME chronicles the filmmaker’s exploration of that relationship and his search for an explanation of his father’s absence. A universal story of the difficulty of father/son relationships, the film follows David as he attempts to build a relationship with his father.

Director/Producer: David Angell

Wednesday, October, 24, 1:15pm 

Screening, Savoy


Matt Maxwell

In the nation’s 2nd wealthiest city, a West Texas oilman sets out to downsize his family’s life in order to build a tiny house community for the homeless.

Director: Matt Maxwell
Matt Maxwell, Katie Maxwell, Justin Brown

Thursday, October 25, 10:30–11:45am
Readings, College Hall Chapel

Tami Anderson

The Confederated Interstellar Commonwealth (CIC), a collection of over 50 planets, moons, and colonies, is in trouble: they are rotting from the inside out. Corrupt government officials, terrorists, and slave traders play their power games while tensions between the planets are high as they are on the brink of a huge civil war. 

At the heart of the conflict two women hold the lives of billions in their hands. Tyqueria is a happy go lucky crew member on a tramp freighter that travels from planet to planet doing odd jobs until captured by pirates. Mariska is a member of her planetary police force determined to stop the spread of corruption and human trafficking. As they struggle to maintain their humanity in the darkest depths of depravity, they each will be forced to choose where their loyalties lie.

John Morrissey

A comedy about a young girl seeking to resolve her relationship with her absentee father and who, in the process, wins the #1 cooking show on TV.

Friday, October 26, 1:15–2:30pm
Readings, College Hall Chapel

Louisa de Cossy

Set in rural Ireland, UNDERTOW is a character portrait of a unique and powerful mother/daughter relationship. The film focuses on a pivotal year in the life of our protagonist, Saoirse, 15, a fiercely independent young woman.

When Saoirse's mother, Tara, comes out as gay, Saoirse struggles to understand her; especially challenging at a time when Saoirse is first learning about her own sexuality. In a country where homosexuality is illegal, Saoirse must keep her mother's secret and steer her own course.

Saoirse and her father find solace through sailing at sea, but with a tumultuous marriage on its last leg, Saoirse must find a way to accept her mother's new relationship and a sudden change of scenery. Through a series of increasingly rebellious acts, Saoirse comes to understand her own limitations and redefines her perception of Tara and her unconventional family.

Everything Matters: Confessions of a Film Editor
Jason Rosenfield

Everything Matters: Confessions of a Film Editor (working title), is a memoir combining the craft of cinematic storytelling, the growth of an artist and the journey of a man. Broken into three parts—Climbing In, Holding On, and Letting Go—the book charts the author’s career in fiction and nonfiction films over the course of four decades, each chapter building on the ones before in progressive layers of creative and personal discovery.

Anecdotal in style and experiential in tone, the author puts the reader in the editor’s chair, developing an increasingly sophisticated understanding of story and uncovering techniques to express its emotional underbelly.

A story of survival--over the ups and downs of a freelance career, changing tastes and raging egos, 
and a lifetime of struggle with personal demons all while holding on to a stubborn belief in the transformational power of cinema--this story is ultimately a revelation of interdependence, a correlation between a life lived with reflection and its expression viewed through the lives of others on screen.
Friday, October 26, 3:00–4:15pm
Screenings, Savoy

Jessica Crossman

While attempting to resurrect a pet dog, two sisters are dragged into a magical realm where they struggle to outwit devious supernatural forces and find their way back home.

Written & Directed by Jessica Crossman
Assistant Director: Ryan Murtha
Director of Photography: David Angell & Ryan Murtha
Producer: Jessica Crossman & Ryan Murtha
Production Designer: Abby Walsh
Starring: Jessica Crossman, Casey Calderiso, Amanda Louro, James Auger, Jarrod Pemental, Sherlock Murtha


Carrie House

An indigenous Dine'/Oneida Iroquois self-narrative, personal, and spiritual journey through the multimedia art of the late, Conrad House. An experimental documentary of the deep revelation of Carrie and Conrad’s spiritual connection with the Holy People.

Writer (scenarist)/Director/Producer/Actor: Carrie House

Melissa McClung

As an asteroid hurtles towards Earth, people spend their last days in unusual and entwined ways.

Written & Directed by Melissa McClung
Produced by Nina Alexander & Melissa McClung
Director of Photography: Ari Hayes
Starring: Lucia Dingo-Early & Louis Farrick
Music & Sound Design: Andrew Oedel


Louisa de Cossy       

For the last two years, my father, fiancé and I have labored over the construction of a 20ft wooden boat. CRAFT is a visually poetic contemplation on the process of creating a wooden boat from start to finish. The film focuses on the spiritual and transformative nature of carpentry, and the unique way in which relationships can be strengthened and developed through the process of woodworking.

Editing and Cinematography: Louisa de Cossy
Additional Cinematography: Justin DeLand
Sound: Lee Faulkner