Friday, October 25th, 10am 

Readings, College Hall Chapel

Frances de Larminat

A group of female hotel workers riddled with uncertainty—seek to find meaning in their relationship to the dying environment which surrounds them.

Rick Mitz

Cy Bennett, a 65-year-old former Hollywood golden boy screenwriter has become an olden boy and, to fight the ageism that is toppling his career, hires a raw 21-year-old parking attendant to be his “front” in order for Cy to achieve his former glory.

Friday, October 25th, 12:45pm 

Readings, College Hall Chapel

Tamara Perkins
SARA, set in a future imagining of San Francisco and Oakland, is the story of an idealistic tech prodigy wrestling with the legacy of her creation: a revolutionary medical technique using 'nano-tech,' or tiny AI-driven robotic surgery-performing devices. Propelled by her success, her family reaps the benefits of the tech elite — even saving their unborn child. Across the bridge in her hometown, however, her invention is being exploited by new surveillance-driven police. When the AI behind the nano-tech suddenly develops a mind of its own, the race is on to stop it at its source before all of humanity faces the consequences of her fatal creation.

Mark Schimmel

In order to become a father, a conflicted husband must heal his marriage, let go of the past and embrace the adoption process.

Friday, October 25th, 2:30pm 

Screenings, Savoy

Soren Sorensen

WITH DAD is a short film that documents the work of photographer Stephen DiRado, specifically during the period of his father’s mental decline and eventual death from Alzheimer’s Disease in 2009.

Director/Producer/Editor: Soren Sorensen
Cinematographer: Jason Rossi

Keith Kolecki

A short film by Keith Kolecki.


Adam Brown    

A young woman runs away from home after a traumatic experience.

Writer/Director: Adam Mark Brown
Cinematographer: Logan Floyd
Producers: Adam Brown, Eman Tiba
Starring: Callie Botkin & Tatianna Duckworth